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Our Male Fertility Gift Guide

For couples that are trying to conceive, a baby is likely to be top of their Christmas list this year. However, we all know that becoming parents is unfortunately not as simple as writing a letter to the North Pole and waiting for one to appear under your tree. 

However, there are some presents you can buy the man in your life (or treat yourself to if you want a bit of self-care this festive season!) that could help him improve his sperm health and increase your chances of conceiving – here’s our fertility-friendly gift guide to help you have Christmas shopping all wrapped up! 


For the guy that needs to get active 

Fit Bit Charge 4 Activity Tracker 



If you’re still struggling with lockdown lethargy, your lack of activity could be harming your sperm health. Regular exercise has been proven to improve sperm motility and an increased BMI has been linked to an increased chance of infertility. 

Everyone’s relationship with fitness is different and whilst many exercises are great for male fertility, there’s no point forcing someone to the gym if that’s not their thing. The truth is that increasing your daily steps or general movement can have a real impact on your BMI and overall health – which is why fitness trackers like this Fit Bit are great. You can set goals for activity, keep track of how many calories you’re burning and set reminders to get up and move around – making it the ideal gift to support fitness – and fertility – related New Year’s resolutions.  


For the guy that wants to cut back on booze

Lucky Saint Gift Subscription 


Lucky Saint

December can be a particularly boozy month – which is bad news for your swimmers. Excessive alcohol consumption can have an impact on sperm quality and hormonal balance – and the habits we often pick up when drunk (aka 2am kebabs, and stealing your mate’s cigarettes) also contribute to a decline in fertility. 

January is a popular month for laying off the beer, but if you want to help the man in your life moderate his drinking for longer – why not think about an alcohol-free beer subscription? Lucky Saint has established themselves as one of the best alcohol-free beers out there – and the bottles look as good as the brew tastes, meaning he’ll barely even notice the sober-life swap. 


For the guy that needs to stay hydrated 

Be Active Glass Water Bottle 


Be Active water bottle

Now, we might be suggesting you cut back on drinking – but we definitely don’t mean water. Semen production and semen volume can be reduced by not drinking enough water and dehydration can also lead to thicker semen which can make it harder for your swimmers to swim! 

Whilst topping up our water levels should come as naturally as breathing, many of us sit at our desks all day, withering away like a neglected house plant. This water bottle by Be Active comes with timed markers on the side, which encourages you to keep hydrated throughout the day and not skip on those all-important water breaks.  If that’s not good enough, a bonus is that it’s made of glass, which will help reduce exposure to harmful – and none-sperm friendly – chemicals usually found in plastic bottles. 


For the guy that needs to get more shut-eye

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 


Deep sleep pillow spray

More time in bed is definitely top of our Christmas list this year – and getting more shut-eye could be good news for your fertility too. A Danish study showed that men who get 8 hours of sleep a night were almost 3 times more likely to have healthy sperm compared to men who got less than 7!

A bunch of modern lifestyle factors – from screens with blue light to being sedentary through the day – are part of the reason 1 in 3 adults aren’t getting enough sleep – but this great Deep Sleep Pillow Spray can help. A combination of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile helps calm both the mind and body, soothing you to sleep – making it the perfect stocking filler for someone that needs a date with the sandman. 


For the guy that wants to improve his diet

NUTRiBULEET Starter Kit 



They say that bodies are made in the kitchen – and the same can be said for sperm (not literally of course, that probably wouldn’t pass Health hand Safety regs). Your diet is one of the biggest influences on sperm health – and eating sperm superfoods can take your swimmers from zero to hero. 

Nutrients like Omega-3 and Zinc and Vitamins like Vitamin C, E are all key to supporting good sperm health. Whilst a balanced diet is the best way to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need, packing lots of fruit and vegetables into soups or smoothies is a great option if you want to turbocharge your fertility nutrition mission. A Nutribullet is an awesome tool to have in your kitchen, ready for whizzing up tasty, fertility-friendly meals in a flash.   


For the guy that needs to chill out more 

Bed of Nails 


Bed of nails

A fertility journey can be stressful at the best of times, but increased stress levels could actually make the whole thing harder. A study from Columbia University found that men who are stressed are more likely to have a lower concentrated sperm count, lower testosterone levels and increased oxidative stress.

 If there’s a man in your life that needs to the chill-out –  but says ‘Namaste in bed’ whenever you suggest a yoga class – why not invest in this bed of nails. Not as painful as it sounds, this at-home acupuncture inspired tool can help you find your zen without even leaving the house – and has the added benefit of improving energy levels, circulation and maybe even fertility! 


For the guy that wants to quit smoking

Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking Book 


Easy way to stop smoking

January has got to be one of the most popular times to give up smoking – and with good reason. Not only does this habit have a toxic effect on your health – and bank balance – but it’s also one of the worst things you can do for your fertility. Studies have shown that smokers exhibit a decrease in sperm counts by 17.5% and in total motile sperm cells by 16.6%!

Quitting smoking is no easy feat, but millions of people swear by Allen Carr’s (not to be confused with the toothy comedian) Easy Way To Stop Smoking book. It might not be the most exciting gift to find in your stocking, but stubbing out could mean that you get to see many more Christmases – and hopefully spend some of them as a parent.  


For the guy that wants to get intimate 

Why Don’t We Spice It Up Game


Why dont we spice it up


Now, the gift idea is one that could benefit both people in a couple – and there’s a couple of reasons why we’re suggesting it! Firstly, we all know that when trying to conceive, intimacy can fall down on the list of sexual priorities – below things like timing sex around ovulation – and the whole thing can become less enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Even outside of the fertile window sex is important – for your relationship as well as your fertility – as regular ejaculations can keep your swimmers on top of their game and reduce the risk of heat damage from sperm hanging around in the testicles too long! So, if you’re looking to spice up your sex life and reconnect with your partner, the fun, flirty prompts in this card game will help you do just that!


For the guy that wants to take total control of his fertility 

ExSeed Complete ‘For Him’ Package

Now, we couldn’t put together a Christmas gift guide without mentioning our own festive deals, could we? If 2022 is the year you and your partner want to really get on the baby-making train, then testing is one of the best things you can do. 

Knowledge is power when it comes to your sperm health, so understanding what’s going on with your swimmers will help you take the steps needed to protect or improve your fertility – whether that’s more exercise, a healthier diet or taking supplements – (which are also included in this handy gift package!)

In the spirit of Christmas, we’re offering a huge 40% off this package for the rest of December!


ExSeed sperm test

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More to explore


Wearing tight pants and underwear

Studies show that men who wear looser underwear have higher sperm concentration and total sperm count compared to men who wear tighter underwear. So, lose the tight clothes and wear something loose to give your testicles some air.

CONCLUSION: learn more about how heat can affect sperm quality here.


Besides higher mortality rate and various diseases, stress is associated with low sperm quality. Stress is known to be associated with lower testosterone levels and oxidative stress with both playing an essential role in producing and maintaining healthy sperm cells.

CONCLUSION: If you feel stressed, we recommend you get some help so you can have a balanced mental health. For a stress management guide, download the ExSeed app for free and start your personalized action plan today.

Physical activity

Scientific studies show that men who are physically active have better semen parameters than men who are inactive. Fertility specialists also state that regular physical activity has beneficial impact on sperm fertility parameters and such a lifestyle can enhance the fertility status of men.

Prioritizing exercise can help improve your overall health and result in healthy, fast swimming sperm cells that have good chances of fertilizing an egg.

CONCLUSION: Try incorporating exercise in your weekly schedule to you ensure exercising at least twice weekly. We recommend a combination of cardio training and strength exercise. Read more about exercise and male fertility on our blog.


Fast Food
Processed foods damage the health of sperm-producing cells and cause oxidative stress, which lead to poorer sperm quality. Heavy consumption of junk food (every week) can increase the likelihood of infertility since men who consume vast amounts of unhealthy food are at risk of having poor sperm quality. Besides harming your fertility, junk food enlarges your waistline, harms your cardiovascular system, kidneys, and more.

Eating more fruit and vegetables can increase your sperm concentration and motility. It’s important that you consume a healthy diet filled with antioxidants and that you eat vegetables every day. Foods such as apricots and red bell peppers are high in vitamin A, which improves male fertility by nurturing healthier sperm. Men who are deficient in this vitamin tend to have slow and sluggish sperm.

Sugary snacks/beverages: several times a week Excessive consumption of high sugar items can lead to oxidative stress, which negatively impacts testosterone levels and sperm motility. Sugary snacks and beverages are also highly associated with obesity and low fertility.
CONCLUSION: To boost sperm quality, stay away from fast food, processed food, and sugary snacks or beverages. You need to implement a healthy prudent diet filled with necessary superfoods needed for good sperm production. Check out our guide to Male Fertility Superfoods. For personalized guidance and support on how you can start improving your sperm health, check out the Bootcamp.


Direct heat can inhibit optimal sperm production and cause Sperm DNA damage. Sperm cells like environments that are a couple of degrees lower than body temperature. Avoid overheating from warm blankets, seat warmers, heat from your laptop, hot showers, and saunas.

Cigarette smoking

The exposure to tobacco smoke has significant negative effects on semen quality. The damage of cigarettes and nicotine of course depends on how many cigarettes you smoke per day and for how long, but even low usage (up to 10 cigarettes / day) can inhibit healthy sperm production.  

CONCLUSION: Stay as far away from cigarette smoking as possible if you care about your general health and your fertility. Read more here.

Cell phone

When you have your cell phone in your front pocket, your testicles are exposed to electromagnetic radiation, which studies have shown to damage the sperm cells. Put your phone in the back pocket of your pants or in your jacket pocket.


There is a clear association between obesity and reduced sperm quality. At least part of the reason for this is that obese men may have abnormal reproductive hormonal profiles, which can impair sperm production and lead to infertility. 

A BMI higher than 30 can lead to several processes in the body (overheating, increase in oxidative stress in the testes, sperm DNA damage, erectile dysfunction) that can have a negative impact on male fertility. This can result in problems when trying to conceive.  

CONCLUSION: BMI is one of the risk factors that influence semen quality and, for example, sperm motility.  


A beer or glass of wine now and then do not really harm sperm quality. But excess alcohol drinking (more than 20 units per week) can reduce the production of normally formed sperm needed for a successful pregnancy.

CONCLUSION: If you want to stay safe, stay under 14 units of alcohol per week. For more information on how alcohol can affect male fertility, take a look at our blog: “Alcohol and Sperm Quality”.


Studies show that women younger than 35 and men younger than 40 have a better chance of getting pregnant. Men can produce sperm cells almost through their entire life, but the sperm cell DNA is more fragile and prone to damage after the age of 40.

As men age, their testes tend to get smaller and softer resulting in a decline in sperm quality and production. These changes are partly because of an age-related decrease in testosterone level, which plays a very important role in sperm

production. Higher male age (>40 years) is not only associated with a decline in sperm production but also with increased sperm DNA fragmentation and worsened morphology (shape) and motility (movement). These negative effects make the sperm cells less qualified for egg fertilization.

CONCLUSION: with an age under 40, you shouldn’t have to worry much about age as a factor in itself. However, studies have shown a slow decline after the age of 30-35 years

and if you are above 40 years of age, your sperm quality can be affected due to increased sperm DNA damage resulting in a decrease of sperm motility and concentration. Remember that you cannot evaluate the quality of a sperm sample by just looking at it – this requires a sperm analysis.