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The Difference Between IUI and ICI

The world of fertility is full of acronyms – but IUI and ICI are two that often get confused. IUI (Intrauterine insemination) and ICI (Intracervical insemination) are both kinds of artificial insemination. These two different types have key differences, including

Cost of sperm Testing

Cost of Sperm Testing vs At-Home Testing

A fertility journey can be an expensive endeavor. From appointments with specialists to various tests, the cost of sperm testing can really stack up – and that’s even before you start thinking about potential assisted fertility treatments. At ExSeed we’re

improve sperm health fast

How can I improve my sperm health fast?

If you’re trying to conceive and have just found out your sperm health isn’t exactly where you want it to be – you might be asking the question – How can I improve my sperm health fast?  And the truth


Fertility, conception and HIV

Is it possible to have a baby if you are HIV positive? Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Thanks to medical advancements, many people with HIV lead happy, healthy lives and can go on to become parents if that’s something


Can male fertility issues be inherited? 

As parents, you might hope that you pass on some of your more favoured genetics to your children – may be your aptitude for running or your thick head of hair. But what if you are concerned about passing on

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