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🎁 Christmas Sale Now On! View our festive offers here 🎁

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ExSeed's Preferred Partners

Book a direct consultation with ExSeed’s handpicked professional partners to help you with your fertility journey

Embla – Digital Weight Loss Clinic

Embla is a digital weight loss clinic that combines health coaching, GLP-1 medication, and technology to provide personalized support that helps people living with obesity reach healthy and sustained weight loss.

Ovom IVF

IVF unites eggs and sperm outside the body to create embryos. With their revolutionary patient app and AI-driven solutions, OVOM’s team of industry leaders with a combined 75 years of experience in IVF are the experts to help you achieve your goals and dreams of starting or completing your family.

Ovom sperm freezing

Fertility preservation allows you to take control of your reproductive future by safely storing your sperm. Whether you’re facing medical treatments, or just looking for peace of mind, this service ensures that when you’re ready, your options remain open.


ICSI is an advanced fertility treatment enhancing conception chances. It addresses barriers hindering natural sperm-egg union, offering a path to parenthood. OVOM, with a cutting-edge app and AI-guided solutions, led by industry experts with 75 years of combined experience, supports your family-building aspirations.

Ovom IUI

A fertility method enhancing the chances of fertilization by placing sperm directly into the uterus. Ovom Care is dedicated to inclusivity, offering IUI as an accessible option for diverse family-building aspirations, including individuals, couples, and the LGBTQIA+ community.