Test and improve the quality of your sperm from the comfort of your home

State-of-the-art smartphone device

Scientifically researched lifestyle intervention program

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1 in 5 couples are infertile

40% are male related

Our Vision

We want to empower people to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle by unlocking the full potential of personal technology.

Our latest innovative product will help give couples all over the world the ability to improve their chances of becoming pregnant.

The Device

Working with leading industrial designers we have built a state-of-the-art smartphone compatible device, allowing the man to test his sperm quality from the comfort of his home in just a few seconds.

The Analysis

Our intuitive design allows for easy sperm testing at home. The software makes use of best-in-class analysis methods and we are proud to partner with industry specialists Microptic to provide users with high accuracy analysis


Insert slide with sample into the device
Place the phone on top to start analysis
Get your result in a few seconds and start improving your sperm quality

The App

Building on the latest research, our advanced algorithm will give you a personalized recommendation on how to improve your sperm quality and overall health.

Exseed App Results Screen Exseed App One Year Journey Screen Exseed App Plan Screen Exseed App Advice Screen

Personalized fertility consultations

Fertility experts are available directly from the app. This means you have 24/7 access to high quality guidance wherever you are as part of ExSeed’s personalized guidance program. Make an appointment in seconds, see a doctor in minutes.


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