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The Refill Kit has all the supplies necessary to carry out the ExSeed Home Sperm Tests. The Refill Kits are available for one-time purchases (5-test supply), or a monthly subscription (2 tests per month). This is compatible with all ExSeed Home Test Kits.

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How a  home sperm test works

Deliver Sample
Deliver sample
Test the quality
Test the quality
Male fertility test -Know your score
Know your score
Male fertility test -Improve your fertility
Improve your ferility

Wearing tight pants and underwear

Studies show that men who wear looser underwear have higher sperm concentration and total sperm count compared to men who wear tighter underwear. So, lose the tight clothes and wear something loose to give your testicles some air.

CONCLUSION: learn more about how heat can affect sperm quality here.


Besides higher mortality rate and various diseases, stress is associated with low sperm quality. Stress is known to be associated with lower testosterone levels and oxidative stress with both playing an essential role in producing and maintaining healthy sperm cells.

CONCLUSION: If you feel stressed, we recommend you get some help so you can have a balanced mental health. For a stress management guide, download the ExSeed app for free and start your personalized action plan today.