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Our Top 5 TV Shows about Male Fertility

Trying to start a family isn’t always a fairytale. While conversations tend to focus on female fertility, a recent wave of documentaries is tackling the often-overlooked challenge of male infertility. Here are our top 5 favourite TV shows about male fertility that offer a mix of humor, personal stories, and scientific exploration to bring awareness and reassurance around the topic.


Celebrity Save Our Sperm

Celebrity Save Our Sperm takes a lighthearted approach to a serious issue. Three celebrities, perhaps mirroring the experience of many couples, embark on a ten-week journey to improve their sperm health. We see them undergo lifestyle changes like dietary adjustments and (perhaps less appealing) plunges into cold water. Medical tests unveil surprising facts about factors that affect sperm count, from the impact of environmental pollutants to the seemingly innocuous hot tub habit. This show not only entertains but also educates viewers, sparking conversations about men’s reproductive health, a topic often shrouded in uncomfortable silence.


Rhod Gilbert: Stand Up to Infertility

Rhod Gilbert: Stand Up to Infertility takes a more personal approach. Comedian Rhod Gilbert, known for his sharp wit, uses his platform to share his own struggles with infertility and the emotional toll it takes. He delves into the reasons why male infertility often remains unspoken, exploring the lack of support systems available to men facing this challenge. Gilbert doesn’t shy away from the raw emotions, from the initial frustration to the self-doubt that can creep in. By opening up, he encourages other men to do the same, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.


Me, My Brother and Our Balls

Me, My Brother and Our Balls follows the Hughes brothers’ journey after Love Islander Chris undergoes a live testicular exam on a morning talk show. This act of vulnerability, while perhaps initially intended for entertainment, leads to a life-changing discovery for his brother Ben. Ben is diagnosed with testicular cancer, highlighting the importance of regular check-ups for men. The documentary then explores the impact on their family planning as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of Ben’s diagnosis and treatment. Through their story, the show emphasizes the need for open communication between partners when facing fertility challenges.


My Sperm Donor and Me

My Sperm Donor and Me offers a different perspective on the complexities of family building. This documentary explores the world of sperm donation through the eyes of a donor-conceived person. While it doesn’t directly address male infertility, it sheds light on the complex emotions surrounding fertility and the impact of biological factors on family creation. The documentary reminds us that the journey to parenthood can take many forms, and that open communication and honesty are vital throughout the process.


Sex, Explained: Fertility

Sex, Explained takes a broader look at human reproduction in its informative series. The Nextflix show includes a segment on the challenges couples face with conception, highlighting the often-hidden struggles with male infertility. By dedicating screen time to this topic, Sex, Explained normalizes conversations about male fertility and encourages couples to seek help if needed.


These documentary TV shows about male fertility offer a much-needed conversation starter. By bringing male infertility to light, they encourage men to be more proactive about their reproductive health and seek support if needed. Hopefully, this will lead to a future where open communication and early intervention make family planning a smoother journey for all. Here at ExSeed we are trying to make testing your fertility more accessible, especially to those who would prefer to test from home. That’s why we created the ExSeed hjemme sæd test kit that has comparable accuracy to clinic tests for the parameters measured. Check it out!

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