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How to Test Your Sperm After a Vasectomy

Welcome to our guide on post vasectomy sperm testing – a crucial step to ensure the success of your vasectomy procedure and provide ultimate peace of mind. In this blog, we’ll delve into the significance of sperm testing, debunk common misconceptions about vasectomies, and introduce you to a convenient and accurate at-home testing option – the ExSeed home sperm test.


Understanding Vasectomy and Its Success Rate

A vasectomy is a highly effective and permanent form of male contraception. During the procedure, the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra, are cut or blocked to prevent sperm from reaching semen. This simple yet effective technique makes vasectomy one of the most reliable birth control methods available for men.

The success rate of vasectomy is remarkably high at over 99%, with only a minuscule chance of failure. However, even with a low probability, it’s crucial to verify the success of the procedure to ensure complete peace of mind.


The Importance of Post Vasectomy Sperm Testing

Post vasectomy sperm testing is an integral part of the vasectomy process and is essential for every man who undergoes the procedure. Despite its high success rate, there may be rare instances where the vasectomy doesn’t immediately render a man sterile. The presence of viable sperm post-vasectomy can occur due to residual sperm in the reproductive system.

It’s a common misconception that once the vasectomy is done, there’s no need to worry about contraception. However, viable sperm can persist in the system for a period after the procedure, and unprotected sexual activity should not resume until sterility is confirmed through a sperm test.

The post vasectomy test verifies the effectiveness of the procedure and ensures that you are no longer capable of causing a pregnancy. This test plays a crucial role in preventing any unexpected surprises and avoiding potential complications.


Benefits of Regular Post Vasectomy Sperm Testing

One of the primary benefits of a post vasectomy test is the assurance it brings. Knowing that your vasectomy was successful and you are sterile can provide a profound sense of relief and confidence in your family planning decisions and relationships.

This assurance allows them to resume sexual activity without the constant worry of unintended pregnancy. For couples, it can foster a more intimate and relaxed relationship, knowing that the success of contraception is no longer an ongoing concern.

Additionally, regular post vasectomy sperm testing protects you from potential emotional and financial stress that could arise from an incomplete vasectomy. Early detection of any issues allows for timely intervention and corrective measures, ensuring you can confidently plan your family’s future.


The Available Post-Vasectomy Sperm Tests

Whether you choose to undergo sperm testing with your healthcare provider or opt for the convenience of an at-home solution like the ExSeed home sperm test, remember that testing of some sort is vital for safeguarding your future. You may receive a semen testing kit after your vasectomy procedure which you use to send a sample in the post 12 weeks after your procedure. If this is not offered, or you’d like to find out if your vasectomy has been successful quicker than 12 weeks and without sending off your sperm sample, the ExSeed test could be for you.

With the accuracy of a lab test and with the ease of conducting it at home, you can confidently take control of your reproductive health, ensuring a worry-free life for you and your partner. Within the ExSeed app, all you’d need to do if tick the box shown below that says that you’ve had a vasectomy, which will prompt the algorithm and medical team to analyze your result appropriately.


ExSeed vasectomy app screenshot

You’ll then receive your result in the app that’s manually-verified by the medical team. Please note that the ExSeed test kit is approved for use for testing total motile sperm count of a standard sample, however it’s not explicitly designed to confirm that zero sperm cells are present. Despite this, with the added level of analysis by our medical team upon ticking the vasectomy check box in the app, you can be confident that any moving sperm cells in your sample will be identified.

ExSeed sperm test

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