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We’ve Just Secured an Additional £2.5m ($3.4m) in Investment! 

2021 was a huge year for ExSeed and it looks like 2022 is going to be even more exciting. We are thrilled to announce that we just closed a £2.5m ($3.4m) investment round, taking our seed-stage funding to over £5m ($6.8m)! 

This investment round was led by the Ascension  Life Fund, with participation from Trifork, Hambro Perks, R42 Group, and other forward thinking organisations and business Angels dedicated to supporting our mission to improve diagnosis and treatment of male fertility issues. “ExSeed has an exciting technology that addresses a real need in the fertility market and they have established strong partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies in the fertility space.” says Özgür Tuncer, Partner Ascension Life Fund. “They have a strong team and science which has been proven and we are really excited for them to be part of the Ascension Life Fund.” 


We’ve Just Secured A Further £2.5m in Investment!


Building on our amazing growth

This latest funding round comes at a time where we are already making huge waves in the fertility space.  Our 4X growth last year was pretty incredible and over 15,000 tests have now been carried out through our app.  “This funding round is critically important for us and our mission to improve the treatment paradigm for male infertility and tackle the social stigma often attached. It will allow us to reach even more people in need and not least double-down on the research and development necessary to bring new and even better products to the market” explains our Co-Founder and CEO Morten G. Ulsted. “By allowing men to test and potentially improve their fertility, in the comfort of their own home, ExSeed is helping to break taboos and raise awareness around male infertility. Moving forward, we see plenty of opportunities to work with relevant healthcare partners throughout Europe and globally, like the NHS and private fertility clinics, with an ExSeed test being the first step on a patient’s wider fertility journey.” 

Declining fertility rates are amongst the most pressing health concerns for men across the world. Infertility affects 3.5 million people in the UK alone and sperm counts are almost half the level they were 40 years ago. Our at-home test brings an easy, comfortable way to test sperm health both before a potential visit to the clinic, but certainly also alongside clinical treatment as evidenced by our rapidly expanding network of clinic partners and others. 

Game-changing technology & incredible community

Our kit brings together the powerful camera capabilities of modern smartphones with sophisticated, cloud-based analysis, which means you can give a sample in your bedroom and then get a live view of your sperm sample on your screen! Within 3-5 minutes you get a highly accurate quantitative analysis of your sperm concentration and motility and we then can recommend a bespoke lifestyle programme that could help you make improvements – or connect you with one of our fertility experts for extra support.  

However, it’s not just our test that is changing the game in the male fertility space. “Our investment in ExSeed demonstrates our ongoing confidence in the future of health tech.” comments Dominic Perks, Co-founder and CEO of Hambro Perks. “Male infertility is a growing problem that affects millions of men around the world, but remains largely taboo”. “We hope that ExSeed’s vision and mission to tackle this problem will improve the lives of millions of couples who struggle to conceive every year.” continues Dominic Perks. We look forward to helping ExSeed continue to expand and working with the team to build this truly innovative health-tech platform.”

At ExSeed, we are proud to be part of a growing community of male voices that are breaking down the stigma associated with male infertility and raising awareness of the benefit of proactive testing and treatment. We believe that the combination of innovative technology and a more open, honest and supportive conversation around infertility will help more men, women, and couples get better help and achieve improved treatment outcomes.  

If you are hoping to become a father one day soon, we’d love to empower you with knowledge and advice to give you the best chance possible. You can find out more about our test right here

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