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ExSeed Health and Mira allow couples to test and track fertility from Home – all on your Smartphone

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Part of ExSeed’s range of support to improve fertility health and increase pregnancy chances.

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Take control of your fertility

Male fertility test -Display results

ExSeed home sperm test kit

>95% accuracy

Our CE Certified device and app will provide your Sperm Health results fast with over 95% accuracy.

Results in 15mins

The tests come in discreet packaging and only takes 15 minutes to get results.

Personalized program

The app has a personalized lifestyle intervention program included that will help you with valuable tips on improving your sperm health whatever the result.

Verified by our experts

Every single test is manually reviewed by fertility experts to ensure the highest possible accuracy. Our team will also answer any questions you may have to guide you on your journey.

Mira fertility plus starter kit

Get numeric hormone data

Not just knowing the absolute number of LH and Estrogen levels, but also their trend and relationship to each other.

Uncover your unique hormone patterns

Be navigated by personalized insights from the App and dedicated cycle analysis from the support team.

Know your ovulation earlier

Track your whole cycle and what is happening with your hormones. Get a larger fertile window (6 days) and clear insights.

Applicable for all fertility goals

No matter if you are trying to conceive or to avoid pregnancy, Mira Fertility Plus finds full fertile and infertile windows.

How a  home sperm test works

Deliver Sample
Deliver sample
Test the quality
Test the quality
Male fertility test -Know your score
Know your score
Male fertility test -Improve your fertility
Improve your ferility

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