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🎁Se våra festliga erbjudanden här 🎁

🎁 Julrean pågår just nu! Se våra festliga erbjudanden här 🎁

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Revolutionize In-Clinic Semen Analysis with CASA Lite | ExSeed Health Webinar

This webinar recording showcases CASA Lite, a portable CASA system designed to streamline workflows and improve the accuracy and consistency of semen analysis results. Please contact [email protected] for access to the recording

Key benefits you’ll learn about: – Fast & Automated Analysis: Get reliable results in minutes. – Minimal Investment & Training: Seamless integration into your existing workflow. – Reduced Human Error: Standardized procedures for consistent data. – Cloud-Based Software: Secure storage and easy access to results. – Cost-Effective Solution: Affordable technology for any size clinic.

Save Our Sperm! How to Protect Male Fertility in the Modern World

We have a sperm SOS situation on our hands. Research shows that both sperm count and quality are dropping globally and more and more couples are facing a tough road to parenthood, with infertility constantly on the rise. The good news is that there is usually a lot you can do to protect your sperm health and improve your chances of conceiving – you just need to know-how. In this practical webinar, our panel of fertility experts will: Discuss the factors of modern life that are contributing to a decline in male fertility Advise on the lifestyle factors that can have the biggest impact on your sperm health Share tips on everything from nutrition and stress, to exercise and sleep.

Mira x ExSeed – Male Fertility Challenges and How to Address Them

Last year we teamed up with Mira to produce a webinar to teach you all about the biggest fertility challenges men are facing and give advice on how to navigate them. With guidance from Fertility experts Ian Stones and Dr Fatin Willendrup plus real-life experience from Shaun of Knackered Knackers, this webinar is a must-watch for anyone struggling to conceive.

ExSeed Talks Cancer and Male Fertility with Dr Ed Coats

Thanks so much to Dr Ed Coats of Tota Fertility for this incredibly informative and insightful chat about all things cancer, fertility preservation and becoming a parent after a cancer diagnosis. For more information on supporting male fertility and facing fertility challenges, check out the ExSeed and Total Fertility Websites.