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ExSeed's Science: Meet Emil our CSO

Behind our sperm memes and jokes about balls, ExSeed is a company based on deep science and medical expertise. We are lucky to be founded by – and work with – some of the leading experts in the fertility space, people with both extensive knowledge and incredible passion for sperm health. 

Here you can meet just one of the brilliant minds that helped build and grow ExSeed – our Chief Science Officer Emil Andersen.


Emi Andersen – ExSeed CSO

Emil Andersen is our Chief Science Officer and with our CEO Morten G Ulsted, he founded ExSeed back in 2018. 

Emil has always had a great interest in the human body, and over the years he has grown to specialise in fertility. “With the recent scientific advances in genetic research, I’ve become really interested in how the environment interacts with our genes. I’m also fascinated by the impact our behaviours as parents-to-be have on our fertility and our children.”

After studying at some of the most prestigious universities in the World – ‘I studied at the University of Copenhagen and University of Sydney and my PhD has been taking place at the University of Copenhagen and University of Cambridge” – Emil started his career working as a researcher in Stem cell biology and moved into Reproductive biology and Epigenetics. 

However, his desire to make an active difference for couples trying to conceive led to the idea for ExSeed.  “With ExSeed I wanted to create digital solutions that will help democratize the fertility industry. Many couples could benefit from getting help earlier in the process and improved education – with more focus on men – is an important part of optimizing fertility outcomes.”

In his personal life, Emil has always loved the idea of having children, and is now a father of one – but that wasn’t without its difficulties. “When my partner and I started trying we experienced a miscarriage which was hard for both of us. Luckily my partner fell pregnant not long after the miscarriage and we now have a happy, healthy little boy”.  His advice for couples thinking about starting a family is all about preparation. “It’s really important to discuss the ‘what if’ with your partner so you can prepare for whatever comes next – and of course, start out by testing your semen quality. Don’t be afraid as there are a lot of solutions if you should have a low semen quality!”


The Science Behind The ExSeed Test

Having Emil on board as CSO allowed us to create a test that is not only quick and easy to use – but also just as accurate as a laboratory test at a fertility clinic.  

Using our innovative ExSeed device, our app and your smartphone, it is now possible to get an understanding of your fertility in the comfort of your own home. You simply deposit your sample onto one of the sample slides provided and then our device uses your phone camera to zoom in 200 times – so you can even see your sperm cells swimming on the screen. 

A tailor-made algorithm then tracks sperm cell numbers and their movement. They also check for round cells – a sign of infection. Your results are available in minutes and you will be given a Total Motile Sperm Count reading – one of the most accurate indicators of male fertility. The algorithm will then also create a personalised plan for improving or maintaining your sperm health based on your results, your physical health and lifestyle factors.

Whilst the initial analysis is completed remotely through tech, each test is verified by one of our in-house fertility experts – like Emil! –  who can then offer more specific advice and guidance if needed. 

Learn more about our at-home sperm test and order yours today.

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