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The Mental and Physical Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse


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Addiction is such a negative word. When anyone says this word, it only makes you think about drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. People with addiction problems also have health issues, including chances of getting a stroke, heart disease, cancer, and even mental health issues. A person who indulges in using drugs is never in their senses. 

The top holistic rehab center can help you break free from drugs, alcohol, and other substances. 

But we are not here to discuss why people start taking drugs and what they should do about it. We are here to discuss the effects of drug abuse and alcohol addiction on your mental and physical health. Let’s get started! 

Why is Drug Abuse and Alcohol Addiction a Problem? 

First, drug abuse and alcohol addiction is a serious problem. Drug abuse is caused by the habitual use of addictive substances. It may include marijuana, alcohol, opioids, and other drugs.

People get addicted to substances, and they start drifting away from their family members. There are many ways people take drugs. For example, they may inhale the substance, ingest them as pills, and inject the drug into their blood. 

When the person injects it into their bloodstream, there is an immediate impact, whereas when they ingest it, it takes time to see the results. 

Drugs change the way the human brain works. It also affects the person’s ability to make decisions. Over a period of time, you notice they’ve become dependent on the substance. Alcohol addiction is much the same. It starts with a few glasses of alcohol, and then it becomes a habit for a few people. 

The problem with drug or alcohol addiction is that people are not able to make sense of the real world. Overdose leads to death, and it can cause illnesses, depression, and a person might also develop other mental health conditions. And drug abuse and alcohol addiction also cause social problems the patient may try to hurt their family or may attempt suicide too. 

What are the Effects of Substance Use Disorder? 

There are some long-term and short-term health effects. The effects may vary depending on the type of drug the person is taking and how often they have been taking it.

Continued use of drugs and alcohol can affect the immune system. It increases the risk of getting infections or illness. Moreover, overuse of drugs affects the heartbeat. Some people tend to get a heart attack due to an overdose of alcohol or drugs. 

There are some patients who have constant abdominal pain and nausea. Loss of appetite is also common. Since some drugs are smoked, people may experience lung disease later on if the use is persistent. 

Continued use of drugs and alcohol can also affect the memory and decision-making process. Overall, alcohol and drug addiction is not good for health.

The deaths related to heroin and opioid addiction have increased in the past few months. Addiction to anything can be lethal, but drug and alcohol addiction is like slow poison. 

How Does Drug and Alcohol Addiction Affect Your Mental Health? 

You might wonder how alcohol addiction or drug addiction can cause mental trauma or serious mental health conditions. There is a strong connection! Any kind of drug such as marijuana or cocaine affects a human being’s brain’s reward circuit. This specific part of the brain affects mood and instinct. Drugs or alcohol target this specific system, which gives rise to dopamine. This floods the brain and gives you a high. Everyone loves the feeling of being high. But in the long run, it starts affecting your mood and behavior. 

You do not want to be addicted to alcohol or drugs. People are not able to make decisions after the overuse of alcohol or drugs. It affects cognitive function in such a way that it is difficult to make sense of the real world. If a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, it can impact the brain of an unborn child too. 

Alcohol and drug addiction affects your mood, thinking ability, and much more. Thus, people ought to put an end to addiction of any kind. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Drug abuse and alcohol addiction is a serious problem. It affects your work life, relationships, and your physical and mental health. Do you want addiction problems to make your life a living heel?  

Join a residential retreat where addiction problems are treated by professionals. You need peace, and most importantly, you need to be away from any kind of temptation. 

You can research some of the best retreats where drug abuse and alcohol addiction problems are treated effectively.

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