The ExSeed Lifestyle Program

Most healthcare providers are familiar with the most well-known causes of infertility, such as varicoceles, tumors and other medical conditions. Recently, experts in the field of reproductive biology have started understanding that lifestyle and environment have an important impact on a man’s ability to reproduce as well. This awareness has been brought about by more scientific evidence showing that a healthier lifestyle is related to better semen quality whereas an unhealthy lifestyle is associated with a lower semen quality.

In other words; there is growing evidence supporting a causal link between the environment, lifestyle choices, systemic disease, and male reproductive health.

Especially  factors such as smoking, alcohol, obesity, exercise, nutrient deficiencies, illegal drugs and heat have been associated with a decreased semen quality and can impact how your sperm cells function [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]. Due to increased environmental pressures and an unhealthy modern lifestyle, the combined factors may accumulate over time and contribute significantly to an adverse impact on male reproductive issues.

So, the good news is that YOU have a choice. Improving our everyday rituals and habits can lead to better semen quality and an increase in the number of functional fertilization-ready sperm cells.

The ExSeed Lifestyle Program

Private, Customized, and Personal

So what is the best way to increase semen quality? Since everyone has a unique body type and lifestyle, we believe that every male should to be helped individually. General advice and recommendations may get you some of the way, but we want to take lifestyle guidance to the next level by being there ALL the way through YOUR journey!

This is why the ExSeed Team created the 12-week ExSeed Lifestyle Program exclusively for men who want to boost their semen quality. The program is 100% personalized and customized to ensure effectiveness and healthy adaption. We focus on nutrition, physical activity, supplementation, and identifying environmental factors that could affect YOUR fertility.

The Concept – what to expect

Step 1: The ExSeed Questionnaire

We start by collecting information about your personal measurements, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, rituals, as well as mental and medical health. The first step is asking you to fill out the questionnaire and a 3-day food and activity record so we can gather all the important information that will help us evaluate your lifestyle.

Step 2: The ExSeed Assessment Report

based on the information you provided we create an overview of your lifestyle and make a report where you will find our recommendations on how to improve sperm quality and fertility in general. We will provide you with specific information on how your current habits can affect your sperm health.

Step 3: The ExSeed Lifestyle Program

This is the plan guiding you to make changes to positively impact your fertility. Our lifestyle coaches give you concrete plans and tips on how you can optimize your daily routines. Together with the ExSeed Lifestyle plan you will receive a Cook Book and The ExSeed Fertility Guide that will be tools for you to use on your fertility journey.

Online consultations and coach support 

Although a good plan will be provided, we want to make sure that we tailor the lifestyle plan directly to YOU. We want to help you stick to your program and be there when you have “off days”.

Via 1:1 video consultations, we can help adjusting plans and healthy choices to fit you, guide you in case of a de-route, or be there to motivate so you can maximize your chances of success.

We love to be close to our clients and establish a good relationship so you can feel the power to make changes!

A Lifestyle program is around 12 weeks long and includes 5 consultations which you can plan together with your coach.

How to get started 

Step 1: Know your score

The first step is of course to know how good your semen quality is. If you do not know your score you can use the the ExSeed Home Kit to test your quality at home. If you already know your score from the clinic or another place proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Sign up for a program

If you are ready to take action on improving sperm quality by healthy habits, sign up by sending us a message with the heading “Lifestyle Program” to this e-mail.

Step 3: Get started

Once you have send in your request, one of the ExSeed Lifestyle Coaches will contact you by email and explaining how to get started and introduce you in detail to what you can expect from the ExSeed Lifestyle Program.

The ExSeed Lifestyle Team is looking forward to hearing from you and help you on your journey to become a father!

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