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Press Release                                                                                                                                                                                         October 2017


Startup Takes Aim at Improving Men’s Fertility!


The Danish/British startup, ExSeed Health, has developed a unique mobile solution that analyzes men’s sperm quality with a smartphone and then gives advice on how to improve the sperm quality if it is in the suboptimal range. With an investment from the large software company Trifork, ExSeed Health’s founders have built a scalable business in less than a year.

A widely published meta-study recently showed that the sperm quality in Western countries has dropped by more than 50 percent in the last 40 years. Decreased fertility is a problem which now affects up to one in five couples with up to 40 percent being caused by male factors. Yet most products and services in the market are aimed at women and this is why ExSeed Health sees a great potential in addressing this unmet need and develop a new market in male reproductive health. With ExSeed Health’s solution the user buys a small device with a glass slide where the sperm count and motility are analyzed without any direct contact with the user’s smartphone. Inputs from the test and the user are then applied to deliver personalized lifestyle recommendations:

The areas of personalized health care and mHealth are growing at extraordinary rates and we’re offering a unique solution in this market. We make testing of sperm quality a lot easier because it takes place in the home and then, at the same time, we’re offering a personalized guidance program specifically developed to optimize the lifestyle and health of individual users to increase their sperm quality and thereby their chances of reaching pregnancy with their partner”, says Morten G. Ulsted, CEO & Co-founder of ExSeed Health.

Partnership with Trifork and growth ambitions

Chief Science Officer & Co-founder Emil Andersen is very pleased with the investment from Trifork, which meant that ExSeed Health could make impressive progress in a short amount of time:

The investment from Trifork has meant that we’re able to cooperate with some of the leading clinicians and software engineers to develop a product which analyzes the sperm quality at a level comparable to the professional clinics on important parameters. We want to challenge the status quo in male fertility. With our solution, men all over the world can take action to test and improve their sperm quality instead of having to wait for many months to get financial assistance from the government to test and get advice regarding sperm quality as is the case in a lot of countries”, says Emil Andersen.

The founders are ambitious; they see their product being available in the Nordic, Western European, US, and Canadian markets within a year, and expansion to Asia is only two years away. Director of Trifork’s eHealth division, Daniel Daugaard-Jensen, believes these ambitions are achievable and thinks the time is exactly right for the technology and service that ExSeed will provide:

“We didn’t hesitate for a second when we were presented with the opportunity to invest in the project. Declining sperm quality is a problem with a growing impact on our societies, so the market needs solutions like ExSeed’s where technical results and personal guidance are combined. The demand for solutions that will make it easier for people to take ownership of their health will continue to rise. We have no doubt that ExSeed Health has developed a highly scalable business addressing a global unmet need within male reproductive health”, says Daniel Daugaard-Jensen.

ExSeed started as a research project by Emil Andersen, who today is CSO & Co-founder in the company. The Danish/British startup currently consists of six dedicated people led by Morten G. Ulsted and Emil Andersen, with Daniel Daugaard-Jensen and Trifork as development partners.

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