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Ever since Dan finished chemo 6 years ago, we’ve always wondered if he’d been left infertile, as his doctors warned at the time.
@exseedhealth are on a mission to broaden accessibility to fertility testing, and break down stigmas about male fertility to help men take a proactive step in their part of the journey to pregnancy.
It’s really easy to forget isn’t it that men can struggle with fertility just as much as women can.
Let's talk about fertility We was asked by @exseedhealth if we can share with our followers the benefits of the ExSeed entirely at home sperm test kit.
Ever wondered what sperm looked like? 👀 @exseedhealth reached out to me recently and have so kindly given us one of their at home sperm testing kit! And it is SO easy to use!!
Raising awareness for Men’s fertility through @exseedhealth 🩵 As I have expressed before I suffer with some fertility issues, and because I’ve always known this we didn’t think to test Liam’s fertility. But with these easy at home testing kits we’ve now brought the healthcare home 🏠
Listen up men! Ever feel helpless and like you can’t do anything to help your partner in your fertility journey?! Fertility journeys usually are female-focussed in the healthcare system, but did you know male factors account for around a third of couples unable to conceive. ExSeed are giving men back some autonomy to test themselves for male factor infertility, from the comfort of your own home.