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ExSeed Home Testing: How to Collect a Semen Sample

In order to get a correct result with the ExSeed system, there are 6 simple rules on semen collection that have to be followed. Even though you have done it before, maybe at the doctor’s office, here are some tips to help you prepare:

Rule 1: Abstain from ejaculation 2-3 days before testing

Rule 1 - Abstain from ejaculation 2-3 days before testing

Your testicles produce sperm consistently. Learn more about sperm production here. When you ejaculate, your stored sperm cells are released. After ejaculation, it takes 2-3 days to completely refill the epididymis, depending on the individual. If you do not allow time for your sperm “stock” to refill, your test result will show a lower sperm count. On the other hand, waiting for too long has been associated with a lower amount of motile sperm cells.  We therefore recommend that you wait 2-3 days before testing.

Rule 2: Be consistent

Rule 2 - Be consistent

Consistency is key to get comparable results. Every time you test, make sure that you follow all the guidelines. If you previously have abstained from ejaculating for 3 days, then do the same for the next tests. This will give you the most consistent readings over time and is best when comparing results continuously.

Rule 3: Collect in the cup

Rule 3 - Collect in the cup

Semen collection has to be done directly in the ExSeed cup. It is very important to use the ExSeed cup for collection and no other cups or containers. This gives you the most valid results since we have tested the cup for cytotoxicity on sperm. Therefore, do not use a condom or collect the sample in connection with intercourse. Finally, try to ensure that you collect the whole sample – including the first drops. 

Rule 4: Don’t use any lubricants

Rule 4 - Don’t use any lubricants

No creams, oils, or other lubricants should be used when collecting a semen sample for testing. These products can contain spermicides that kill spermcells or other ingredients (unwanted plastics and residues) that can give inaccurate results. “Dry” Masturbation is best for producing a pure semen sample to test.

Rule 5: Refresh your sperm stock

Rule 5 - Refresh your sperm stock

Abstaining from ejaculating for more than 5 days is not ideal.  When sperm cells are stored in the testicles, they start to deteriorate and lose the ability to swim. In order to have fresh sperm for testing, you should make sure that you have ejaculated a couple of times in the weeks before you test.

Rule 6: Time is crucial

Rule 6 - Time is crucial

Sperm cells don’t live that long after ejaculation. Make sure that you have read the ExSeed Instructions for Use and have lined up all the necessary remedies before semen collection. It is recommended that a semen sample is discarded if it has been kept longer than 60 minutes, and a new sample is provided 3 days later to commence a new test.

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