When to have sex for pregnancy?

What supplements should I take to improve my sperm quality?

How to Collect a Semen Sample for ExSeed Home Testing

Top 20 Superfoods for Super Sperm

Alcohol and Sperm Quality

Improving Male Fertility with Exercise

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Peter25 Feb 2019, Denmark
God service! Havde spørgsmål omkring produktet og deres kundeservice var hurtig og hjælpsom.
Victor10 Feb 2019, Denmark
This product looks awesome. So thankful something like this is available rather than going to a clinic to have it done!
Chris31 Jan 2019, Denmark
Great product! The product looks great exactly what I was looking for. I can't wait for it to come out and have a go at home
Oscar07 Jan 2019, Copenhagen
I'm an older guy and have been trying to conceive with no luck, can’t wait to try this! The kit looks great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my results kept safe and my details private?
How is ExSeed Health different from other home sperm tests?
Why does the ExSeed kit include 5 sperm tests?
Where can I purchase a test?
How long does the test process take?
How accurate are my results?

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