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Improve your chances of conceiving by understanding your fertility health and get advice from our fertility experts

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Our CE Certified device and app will provide your Sperm Health results fast with over 95% accuracy

Personalized programtailored to your needs

The app has a personalized lifestyle intervention program included that will help you with valuable tips on improving your sperm health whatever the result.

See and understand yourresults in 15 mins

Our home sperm tests come in discreet packaging and only take 15 minutes to get results.Our device combines with your smartphone to magnify up to 200 times

Verified by ourFertility experts

Every single test is manually reviewed by fertility experts to ensure the highest possible accuracy. Our team will also answer any questions you may have to guide you on your journey.

Why ExSeed is different?

ExSeed is an investment in your peace of mind. We offer a range of tools to ensure you can measure and improve your fertility status.

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Dr. Fatin Willendrup

ExSeed Head of Medical Affairs

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Emil Andersen

CEO & Co-Founder

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Sandy Christiansen

Clinical Embryologist and Fertility Coach

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