Knowing your swimmers

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Thank you for taking the ExSeed fertility test. Your test revealed that your fertility score is low.

Whether you’re trying to conceive now or are planning sometime in the future, it’s a good idea to boost the sperm quality in order to increase chances of pregnancy. Remember that your reproductive health is also firmly linked to your general health!

If you don’t know much about fertility and how to get pregnant with your partner – don’t worry! Many of us lack the knowledge that can help us on our fertility journey. The following is our personalized fertility guideline for you.

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Knowing your swimmers

Sperm testing for fertility

A sperm test is crucial for evaluating male fertility potential. Knowing sperm volume, count, and motility is important if you’re trying to conceive with your partner. An abnormal sperm quality may also indicate an underlying health condition. Even though it only takes one sperm cell and one egg to get pregnant, more healthy sperm cells will increase your chances of pregnancy each month. Even if you aren’t trying to conceive, your sperm quality can be an important measure of overall health.

The following are the healthy or normal semen analysis results, as determined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Since results can vary from person to person, they are given as a range.

Sperm testing for fertility variable table

You have already tested your semen quality, which is a great step towards making informed decisions about your fertility. Use the WHO guideline above to find out if your sperm test results are above or below the WHO normal ranges.


If you had a low semen quality in your test

You may want to consider an assessment by your GP to make sure there are no serious underlying causes of this. If your semen quality was in the moderate to optimal range, this is great. You may still want to look at how your lifestyle and supplementation can assist you on your fertility journey.

If you want to keep track of your semen quality

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Helping your swimmers

Achieving a healthy lifestyle for fertility

You scored in the low range of the lifestyle assessment which means your lifestyle may be unhealthy and have a negative effect on your fertility.


Detailed overview

If you want a detailed overview of how the individual questions impact fertility, see “How your lifestyle affects fertility” at the bottom of the page (section 4). You can boost your fertility with the ExSeed Bootcamp – our individualized online fertility program

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Helping your swimmers

Supplementing for fertility

Supplementation with vitamins and minerals can boost sperm production and help you increase your sperm quality. Clinical studies show very positive effects of antioxidants on sperm concentration and motility leading to increased pregnancy success.

You are not currently supplementing for fertility. Supplementing for fertility is not strictly necessary if you’re already living a healthy lifestyle with a varied diet.


Combi supplements

We recommend a multivitamin together with a good quality fish oil and an antioxidant like Coenzyme Q10. This will ensure that you get the important nutrients.

ExSeed supplements

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Fertility information

On the Exseed blog you can find all the necessary information on male fertility supplements:

We recommend the omega-3 to contain high-quality fish oil and the multivitamin to contain the following:

Section 4

Knowing how to help swimmers

How your lifestyle affects fertility

Many aspects of your current lifestyle can impact your fertility. here are general recommendations on what you can do to improve sperm count and motility.


With an age under 40, you shouldn’t have to worry about age as a factor in itself.


There is a clear association between obesity and reduced sperm quality.


Processed foods damage the health of sperm-producing cells and cause oxidative stress, which leads to poorer sperm quality.


Besides higher mortality rate and various diseases, stress is associated with low sperm quality.

Physical activity

Scientific studies show that men who are physically active have better semen parameters than men who are inactive.


Direct heat can inhibit optimal sperm production and cause Sperm DNA damage.

Cell phone

When you have your cell phone in your front pocket, your testicles are exposed to electromagnetic radiation, which studies have shown to damage the sperm cells.

Tight pants & underwear

Studies show that men who wear looser underwear have higher sperm concentration and total sperm count compared to men who wear tighter underwear.

Cigarette smoking

Scientific studies show that men who are physically active have better semen parameters than men who are inactive


A beer or glass of wine now and then do not really harm sperm quality - but excessive drinking does.