ExSeed Health Sperm Test

  • The ExSeed Health analysis device
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • 5 Collection cups
  • 5 Glass slides
  • 5 wet wipes
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ExSeed Health is the leading at home male fertility test, as accurate as the sperm test you have at the clinic but gives you clear results in the privacy of your own home Рthere’s no need to send a sample away.

ExSeed Health will analyse your sperm sample within a few minutes and give a 90 day recommend plan on alterations to your lifestyle with the aim to increase your fertility.

If ExSeed identifies you with a low sperm count or low motility, we recommend you speak to one of our male fertility specialists via the ExSeed Health app – Available 24/7.


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ExSeed Health Sperm Test
ExSeed Sperm Test Device
NOW 1,049.99 DKK

ExSeed health home sperm test is the only home sperm test which offers follow up support and consultations with fertility specialists, who will advise you on nutrition, reproductive health and well-being all key factors in fertility, our smartphone-based home test that gives you not only an accurate sperm count but sperm motility (quality).

Results include a live video of your sperm and a personalized lifestyle plan via our app.

  • 5 supplies for running tests
  • Re-usable ExSeed health home sperm test device

Smartphone not included

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ExSeed Sperm test - REFILL KIT x5
RRP 649.99 DKK

Your fertility is an ongoing process, we offer additional sperm test refill kits to track your progress.

Included in the Refill Kit

  • 5 Glass Slides
  • 5 Collection Cups

This item only contains refill testing supplies and requires that you already have purchased an ExSeed Health Home Sperm Test Kit.

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