ExSeed health sperm test fertility kit


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ExSeed Multipack

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This package includes the necessary supplies for a monthly treatment and is designed to help you increase your fertility status.

The pack contains:

1 x FertilAid

1 x MotilityBoost

1 x Omega 3

How it works:

This fertility pack contains a proprietary blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs and omega-3 fatty acids that have been demonstrated to improve male reproductive health, and increase  chances of conceiving.

FertilAid for Men is recommended for all men who are trying to conceive with their partner to help ensure optimal reproductive health and sperm integrity, regardless of whether or not a semen analysis has been performed.

MotilityBoost contains additional nutrients that have been clinically demonstrated to benefit sperm count and motility. This product is designed to be taken along with FertilAid for Men to help address these conditions which can negatively impact your fertility.

Omega is a product designed to offer high amounts of the healthy fatty acids that you need to protect your spermatozoa from oxidation.

ExSeed health sperm test fertility kit

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Based on your semen quality and your current lifestyle, we give you advice on what you should change in order to increase your chances of pregnancy and improve your general health. We use the most recent evidence.

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We give you complete privacy. We don’t sell your data and we don’t store any personal information with the data. This is important for us to give you the best possible protection! Read more about our personal data protection policy. 

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Know your score

We have designed our semen quality score for you to get an idea about the quality of your semen and your chances of reaching pregnancy with that quality. We score your fertility according to three parameters: semen volume, sperm cell concentration, and sperm cell motility.