ExSeed Health Home Test

  • Innovative-technology for increased fertility.
  • Accurate testing for sperm count & quality in less than 1 minute.
  • A personalized lifestyle program with optional online consultations with experts.
  • Created and designed by health & fertility professionals.

Discover More About Yourself

Your fertility is influenced by your day to day life, from the food you eat, the stress at work and the even the environment around you.

Many people believe fertility is purely a female issue, but what people don’t know is that fertility problems, including low sperm count and quality, are surprisingly common, affecting 1 in 5 couples, and up to 40% of all infertility problems will be down to the guy.

But it’s difficult to know how your lifestyle is impacting your chances of having children. The ExSeed test cuts out all of the guesswork.

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ExSeed Health Home Test
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Each ExSeed test kit Includes:

  • Supplies for running 5 tests
  • (1) Re-usable test device

    *Fully validated on iOS devices. Android still in beta mode on some phone models


ExSeed Refill Kit
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  • Supplies for running 5 tests
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