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Revolutionizing Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) with ExSeed CASA Lite

In the realm of fertility evaluation and diagnosis, Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) has emerged as an invaluable tool, employing advanced technology to analyze sperm quality. This technique involves using computer vision and software algorithms to meticulously examine a video of a sperm sample, providing crucial insights into sperm concentration, motility, and morphology. However, traditional CASA systems have often been hindered by their high cost, bulky design, and complex operation, requiring extensive training for proper use.


What’s ExSeed’s CASA Lite (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis)?

The ExSeed CASA Lite is a high-tech, compact CASA machine designed to assist embryologists and technicians with quantitative semen analysis. Using advanced machine learning, the system measures concentration, motility, morphology, and more with ease and accuracy. It boasts several advantages over the cumbersome and expensive traditional equipment available. Let’s explore the features!


The Benefits of The ExSeed CASA Lite for Your Clinic

The plug-and-play web-based software makes ExSeed CASA Lite incredibly easy to use. Simply plug in the device and access the software from any web browser. There’s no need for installation or complicated setup.

The high-resolution microscopy features a live microscope view and magnification up to 200x, and using ExSeed’s custom AI-enhanced program, provides a detailed sperm analysis in under a minute. See concentration, A/B/C/D motility, morphology, round cells, and aggregations. Multiple fields of view and a clickable counting grid for manual review give you complete control over the analysis process. You can check out a recording of the CASA Lite’s advanced sperm tracking here.

A large field of view with high-resolution video allows ExSeed CASA Lite to capture more sperm cells in a single frame, resulting in more accurate results. Real-time imaging and brightfield microscopy provide clear, detailed images of sperm cells for easy analysis.

It’s a portable device with minimal lab footprint makes ExSeed CASA Lite ideal for clinics of all sizes. It can be easily transported and set up anywhere, with no need for a dedicated laboratory space. This makes it possible to perform laboratory-grade semen analyses in a far greater number of locations than ever before.

ExSeed’s CASA machine price is significantly more affordable than other CASA machines on the market, making it an accessible option for the greatest number of clinics.

We’ve built our CASA Lite system around an easy-to-use and intuitive UI where minimal training is required compared with traditional systems. ExSeed CASA Lite integrates with your clinic software and allows you to create customizable reports. You can also compare multiple tests and access the software remotely via web-based access and cloud-based storage.


Traditional CASA Machines vs. ExSeed CASA Lite

Traditional CASA systems have long been associated with high costs, cumbersome designs, and intricate operation, often requiring extensive training for proper use. ExSeed CASA Lite, on the other hand, breaks away from these limitations, offering portability, ease of use, and a more affordable computer assisted sperm analysis price, whilst maintaining a high degree of accuracy and control.


ExSeed CASA Lite represents a groundbreaking innovation in CASA technology, redefining accessibility and affordability for computer assisted semen analysis. Its versatility makes it an invaluable tool for fertility evaluation and diagnosis, catering to a wide range of users in clinics, laboratories, and home settings.

Are you ready to add CASA Lite to your operations, or just want to know more about our offering? Drop your email address into the field on our CASA Lite page and we’ll be in touch, or reach out to the team via email at [email protected]

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