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Our Story

The 1 in 5

1 in 5 couples will struggle with getting pregnant.

The 40%

40% of those couples will be down to the guy. Turns out that’s a pretty big problem.

Accurate, private and personal.

We will support you in your fertility journey.

Our Mission

  • We make conversations easier

We built ExSeed to break taboos and raise awarness around male infertility. We wanted to empower people to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

ExSeed is founded on 4 core concepts.


We are empowering people to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.


We are innovative, fast paced and willing to challenge the status quo and do things differently.


We’re a brand that looks to be honest and to do right by our people and the world.


Is at the core of everything we do, aiming to do the best for our customers.

The Team

ExSeed Health was founded by Morten G. Ulsted, Emil Andersen and Daniel Daugaard-Jensen. Over the last few years, they have created a smartphone compatible device which allows men all over the world to test their sperm from the privacy and comfort of their own home. In 2019, ExSeed Health will launch in Denmark followed by the UK.

Emil Andersen
CSO and Co-founder
Research, Innovation and device developement
Callum Darby-Linfitt
Marketing and Communication Manager
Marketing, Website and SoMe navigator
Marc Le Fevre Johansen
Software developement (Android)
Morten G. Ulsted
CEO and Co-founder
Stategy and business developement
Michael Pavlou
Food Engineer
App developement, Supplement manager
Thia Bjørnsholt Pedersen
UI/UX designer
Design og ExSeed App
Daniel Daugaard-Jensen
Partner and Co-founder
Innovation, partner network
Mohamed Badreldin
Senior developer
Software developement, Regulatory management
Niels Agersnap
Lens specialist
Device developement
Dr. Fatin Salim Willendrup
Medical advisor
App developement, Clinical trial manager
Thomas Kalhøj Clemensen
Thomas Kalhøj Clemensen
Software developement (IOS)
Stuart Angel
Operation manager


Kristian Almstrup, PhD
Board Member
Henrik Møller
Board Member
Dr. Rita Vassena
Board Member

Our Partners

We are honored to collaborate with some of the leading academic and research institutions in Scandinavia to design and clinically validate our lifestyle program aimed at improving men’s sperm quality and general health:

And we are proud to work closely with a range of companies who are leaders in their respective fields, such as software development, optical analysis, industrial design, and production, to make the best product possible for our users: